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Direct Mail
Direct mail is a very effective way of reaching new customers. A properly run direct mail programme, with a strong call to action, has always been a great form of advertising. Minuteman Press has the equipment, experience and expertise to help your mailing project succeed!

Whether you have your own concept and design, or you need assistance getting started, our team will create and design something for you. When it comes to reaching a precise group, or just a specific area, we have the data resources to handle it for you. If you already have a direct mailing list, we have the ability to take your list and incorporate it into a mailing piece for you. We utilise Royal Mail approved software to more cost effectively mail your materials.

Every Door Direct Mail
Today, the Royal Mail has a gift for the small business owner, it's called "Door to Door". With a DTD campaign, the Royal Mail has made it easier and more affordable for you to reach potential customers.

For approximately one tenth of the cost of a first class stamp, we can send out a postcard, brochure or large flyer to any postcode area. This mailing will be delivered to every door without needing a mailing list for the individual addresses.

Variable Data
Did you know that using Variable Data can potentially increase your return on investment by 5-10 times over traditional Direct Mail campaigns? Why settle for the normal 1-2% response rate when you could potentially do much better? Using Variable data, we can customise your direct mail piece specifically to your individual customers. Let us help you reach your customers by personalising a variable data mail piece precisely to them.